MAD Symposium slides

The wonderful MAD Symposium on the forefront of the exploration of the edibility of Planet Earth – led by leading gourmet chefs like restaurant Nomas propdigy chef Rene Redzepi has been a treasure of insights.


Last year, the first MAD Symposium launched by discussing vegetation as a source of food. I had the honour of delivering the opening talk:

However, the slides from the presentation were not really displayed well, so it is difficult to follow the talk. But here they are: From Wild to Tame MAD Symposium 2011 Try looking at the slides as you listen to the video.

Speakers at Mad 1

The MAD Sympoisum this year was also a huge succes (and I was even more honorured to be opening speaker again). The video and slides are here.


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  4. kruemke

    You mentioned a man named “Oulan Rickman” at the end of MAD 3 in your talk, something in connection with the human revolution. I cannot find the name, can you point me ?


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