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Danish book on communities and commons: commonities
From the Danish energy revolution at the island Samsø, a world leader in renewable energy, comes this charming and thoughtful book on communities and commons. The theme is communities governing ... Read more
Compendium on Compassion Cultivation
A wonderful e-book on compassion and how to cultivate it, nourish it and train it was published today by Tania Singer and Matthias Bolz at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences in ... Read more
Tickle me, chef!
Tickling was a major issue in a talk today at the MAD Food symposium i Copenhagen. The tickling experiment led to the call for kitchens to explore our senses: Tickle us, chefs. More to follow on ... Read more
Take a deep breath
A wonderful little 12 minutes long film on breathing – resulting from the rich activities at the art Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin. The video (availabale here below as well as on Vimeo) ... Read more
MAD 3 recap
The geneorus and rich food symposium MAD 3 hosted by Rene Redzepi of noma and friends now produced a recap of the last meeting at sunday-monday. It is available on ... Read more
Why worry?
What are the forgotten reasons to be concerned? The wonderful annual question from the Edge website conducted by New York literary agent John Brockman brings together voices from the world of ... Read more

Recently in Danish …

Nu dur donationsknappen
Hvor dum kan man egentlig være? Ret dum, viser det sig. Når man er ... Read more
Fælledskab på engelsk: Commonity
Bogen ”Fælledskab = fælled + fællesskab” er nu udkommet på ... Read more
Så er der Borgerlyst
Nadja Pass er løs igen med sit Borgerlyst-projekt. En bog er på vej ... Read more
Festdag for fysikken
Mandag er en stor dag for dansk fysik. Efter årtiers fornægtelse af de ... Read more
Nyt for nybegyndere
Hvorfor er det altid nybegyndere, der finder på det nye, spørger ... Read more
E-bog om at træne kompassion
En vidunderlig e-bog om kompassion og hvordan man dyrker den, nærer den ... Read more




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