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Food revolution – to go
MAD Food symposium talks available as audio files at renewed website. The spectacular lineup of talks from the two MAD Food Symposiums held in Copenhagen during the summer of 2011 and 2012 are now al... Read more
Watch my Tickling Experiment at Studio Olafur Eliasson
Laughter, joy and thrill is evident in this large group of people taking part in a seminar at Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin. I performed my Tickling Experiment with the audience. The result  is vi... Read more
The far future four years ago
Genetically engineered athletes, robot universities, academics not competing, peacocks advertising, visions of the poet William Blake and the University of Utopia are some of the crazy ideas floating ... Read more
It's a kind kind of world
Video of a talk on how we see the world: Today – as an enemy to be controlled by our technology. Tomorrow – as a friend to be explored by our appetite. From a symposium for chefs, here is a story ... Read more
Superpower of compassion
Keynote on India, on the windmills of Samsø, on the new lamp the Little Sun, on restaurant noma and the global food revolution – but most of all about the coming era of compassion and the superpowe... Read more
Rebooting civilisation
An informal after-dinner talk on how to reboot civilisation and get to a higher level of decency in our relationship with each other and the planet - what I call Civilisation 2.0. The context was t... Read more
MAD Symposium slides
The wonderful MAD Symposium on the forefront of the exploration of the edibility of Planet Earth - led by leading gourmet chefs like restaurant Nomas propdigy chef Rene Redzepi has been a treasure of ... Read more

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