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Welcome to Tor.dk – homepage and blog of Danish science story teller Tor Nørretranders (the last name is sometimes spelled Norretranders, Noerretranders, Nörretranders or even Nrretranders and the first name sometimes Thor).

I am a writer, speaker, thinker and professor. My main areas of interest are consciousness, generosity, creativity, environment, art/science, the internet, nutrition and food, faith/belief, quantum physics, information theory – and what not.

This is a two-language site – in English and Danish.

Most of the permanent stuff is available in both languages (like the pages referred to in the menu bar).

Most of the recent stuff (like blog posts) is only available in one language since it mostly deals with stuff that is only relevant in one language — like a video of a talk in English or a reference to an event in Denmark.

However, if you want to see it all, The Raw Blog in both languages is available as a submenu to the Blog page in the menu.

Formatted lists of blog posts are available on the Frontpage in each language. They can also be found in a longer version as sub-pages under the menu-item Blog page. There is also a formatted list of blog content in both languages.

You can search the site.

Here is a sitemap.



And this thing here? The symbol (favicon) of the site (and my Twitter-picture too). A kind and clever British reader with a vivid imagination suggested that it was my wife’s bikini bottom. Dream on! (She was more happy with that suggestion than I was.) In fact it is Mjølner (or Mjölnir or Mjǫlnir) the dearest possession of Thor (or Tor), the Nordic God  of Thunder, Lightning, Weather, Strength and Protection. The Mjølner never fails to hit and its power is devastating, tearing down mountains. It folds into small size and slips away into the pocket when not in use. Very handy – quite a bit like swimwear, in fact.

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