Commonities and strange bedfellows

Video of talk on commonities and the internet at a ParaLimes conference in Singapore, March 2-4.


Here is a video of a talk on the ideas of commonities (communities that govern commons) and its relationship to the origin of the Internet and the World Wide Web which all happened to be baser on a long tradition  in The sociology of science  that all began in Singapore, 1949,  when physicist Derek de Solla Price noted something odd in his bedroom …

Derek de Solla Price 

I gave the talk at a complexity conference and that explains the end of the talk addressing some issues in complexity. Apart from that the talk deals with issues like Samsø, renewable energy, gift-economy, civil society etc.


Logo of the Paralimes “Emerging Patterns” conference

The Paralimes conference “Emerging Patterns” is part of the effort of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore to create an interest and activity in complexity studies. The conference in early March featured a dozen speakers, including two Nobel laureates. 

All the talks are available on video here. Outstanding amongst the twelve talks was economist Brian Arthur’s take on the evolution from equation-based science to algorithm-based science.

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